Anxious.. and Crazy?

I am highlyyyy anticipating the start of this semester, I almost can’t stand it.  The term officially begins August 30th, but this is the first of my 3 semesters at WSU that the classes weren’t posted within a week prior.. I’ve been so anxious to just get started, learn, and get ahead of the game.  I think because I’m so looking forward to this semester’s classes, that Wednesday feels like it’ll be Christmas.  Honestly.  I actually couldn’t sleep last night because I couldn’t stop wondering if the classes were posted (at like 3am… get real, Chelsea).

BUT HONESTLY.  Who in their right mind loses SLEEP because they are EXCITED for a class to start?  I have probably lost my mind… but at the very least, I know that I’m going into the right field as far as my passions and interests go.

Will keep you posted…

Currently reading Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin this week.  I have never seen the movie, and am not often very interested in “fluff” books like this, but it is a really nice mental break after reading Cloud Atlas for book club a few weeks ago.  It is kind of difficult to read a book when you’re checking Blackboard for updates every 4 minutes though….



…Well, so much for that!

Hello there!
So I failed incredibly at my goal with this blog.   Hopefully with more effort, I plan on picking up where I left off and becoming more committed to blogging on a regular basis!

First things first — some things that have been happening since I last updated:

1.  I successfully completed two courses this summer: LIS 6120 (Access to Information) and LIS 6210 (Organization of Knowledge). 
I conquered two core classes this summer, with another 4.0, which I am immensely thankful for.  I learned quite a lot about the reference question process in 6120, and that I might enjoy going into reference, although it is no longer the only focus for me at this point.  I have been considering taking an Advanced Reference course later on, but that’s still to be decided.  Meanwhile, 6210 (cataloging!) turned out to be challenging and complex, which made it enjoyable as well as stressful for me.  Cataloging and classification in libraries is SOOOOO much more complicated than I actually expected, although I really liked this class and would consider pursuing it further (Lord help me, I still have literally no clue what road to take within libraries… will I ever!?).

2.  I’ve registered for Fall classes.. which start in just short of 2 weeks.
Yep!  And naturally I’m way excited to start.  LIS 7040 – Library Administration and Management and LIS 7370 – Multicultural Information Services and Resources.

Unlike my previous semester, I know I will 1000% enjoy these classes.  My top top TOP goal is to be a director, or at the very least a department head, and having already had experience in supervisory work and a Starbucks assistant manager-ish, I know I enjoy working in a leadership position and I expect to enjoy learning everything I can about it in a library setting with that class.  Also, my bachelor’s degree is in Anthropology, and I’ve always had a strong interest in being able to connect with people of all backgrounds and cultures.  This class will help me learn how to work with people from all walks of life, and I really would love to focus my work on developing good connections within a diverse community someday.  So yeah, goals.

 And finally:

3.   I got a job in my local library – in the children’s department!
This might deserve a blog all on it’s own, but whatever.  It’s fine.  Here’s my story with this one:  having worked with programming and kids at my previous job (the job I hated.. but not because of the programming and kids!), I was a little disillusioned with that type of work.  So since pursuing a library career, working in a children’s department was probably at the bottom of my list.  I promise, I love kids, and I actually love programming, but my yucky memories working at the museum gave me such a bad taste in my mouth… I couldn’t imagine doing anything like that again.  I was ready to move on to other things.

 My attitude changed slightly at somewhat of a pivotal time.  I was in my last week of my Introduction to the Information Profession course, and I was required to read a Neil Gaiman article about the importance of literacy, books, and libraries for children.  It’s the obligation of the librarian to make books available for children, to teach, to inspire, and to open up their worlds.  I was that child once, roaming the stacks at the library my grandma worked at, looking for books on Merlin and magic.  Libraries heavily influenced my childhood.  This article (Just go read it.  Right now.)  gave me a strong sense of passion for being a person responsible for bringing new worlds to young children today.  I remember finishing this article with my cup of coffee on my back patio, and thinking, “okay, I could see myself as a children’s librarian…”

Then the freaking weirdest coincidence happened.  I came inside to grab a coffee refill, and cracked open my laptop to check up on my next item on my “to-do” list… well yeah actually I jumped on Facebook first.  Then there it was – the first thing on my news feed – my local library posted a job opening:  A team member in the Youth Services department.  WHAT.  At the height of my feelings and desire to help kids, this job was thrown at my face.  OF COURSE I applied, and not long after, I happily accepted the position.

I could talk forever about my job, but will save it for future blog posts as my adventures into librarianship continues.  Considering everything I would love to do – reference, cataloging, leadership, WORK WITH KIDS – I’m so interested to know where my journey takes me.

So yeah, my life has changed drastically in the last few months alone.  I do promise to work harder to keep up this blog, and I hope I can develop it into something more meaningful than just daily ramblings, but we shall see 🙂

Thanks for reading.
xoxo – Chelsea


I could probably talk forever about how my first semester in the MLIS program at Wayne State University went.  I have never so thoroughly enjoyed school, and I think I can safely say I have found my true love and passion in the information profession.

My first semester is about at an end.  I have just completed LIS 6010 (Intro. to the Information Profession) and LIS 6080 (Information Technology).  My professors, Dr. Bin Li and Dr. Nancy Steffes, have made a really profound and lasting impression on me and my thoughts and feelings on the library profession.  I walk away from this semester with a broader sense of what it means to be a librarian, more self-aware, and excited and positive about my future.

I began my semester with a very narrow-minded idea of what I wanted to do following graduation, a mere 2 years down the road from me, but hey, you can’t be too prepared.  I repeated the words “reference librarian at an academic library” and “a librarian in a local history room at a public library” sooooo much that I just about convinced myself that either one of these positions would be my dream job.  Holy Smokes.  Nope.  I have been made very well aware now that there are SO many varieties of positions and jobs out there for one with an information/library science degree.  I can work in a public library, an academic library or archives.  I could find work in a museum, a planetarium, an art museum, or a zoo.  I could in a law library, in a hospital, or work with inmates at a prison (!!!) library.  So many doors are opening for me.  I just need to stay focused, gain experience (like, NOW), and learn as much as possible in the next two years.

I hope for this blog to be a snapshot of my adventures during my studies.  I would love to see how my perspectives have changed throughout my time, practice my writing, be an advocate for libraries, and basically have a written record that I can go back and read years from now.  I’m setting my goal right now so I can stick to it: Blog twice weekly (Sundays and… Thursdays maybe?), to discuss what’s been happening in school and also what books I’m reading now.

Which by the way, I just started Thief by Megan Whalen Turner, so more on that later.

Also, being that it is the end of my semester, I don’t have a whole lot to say on school – BUT I do start my Spring/Summer classes in two weeks (LIS 6120: Access to Information & LIS 6210: Organization of Knowledge) so look forward to that this summer.

Anyway, thanks so much for reading and going on this journey with me. ❤